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Sexauer FT-13-Companion/07

This will be my second "0" sized multi-scale. Today, January 2, 2008, this guitar's finish is all on, and awaits only a little more hardness before assembly. The back and sides are an unusual nearly dead black Cocobolo I usually refer to as CocoNegro, the top is Carpathian Spruce. I will update the photos (and spelling) as the guitar develops.
For the Completed guitar, click HERE.
I use the traditional Spanish "Rope and Wedges" plate joining method. 
Rosette is my normal b/maple/b outer rings, with a herringbone center as per customer spec.

I draw my braces onto each top uniquely w/o template or pattern. The brace dimensions are also variable
and made only as needed. So beautifully inefficient!

I glue them in rough, in three stages, and shape them till they seem right.

While the hide glue isn't full strength for a day or more, it's close enough for my purposes after a few hours; well over 50%, I'd say.

Above is stage one of three, below is stage two.

I've snuck out to the shop Sunday night to take these next shots. I am liable to get so excited  tomorrow glueing the back on
that I'll forget to take pictures. You may notice a few skipped steps about here already!

To hold my side/back kerfing, I use a combination of miniture battery clamps and even smaller spring clamps
 I found a box of at a garage sale.

Hard to believe it's Cocobolo; it is!

This guitar is slightly slowed down as I used too dull a bit routing the purfling channel into the soft Carpathian and got some tear-out, the dark spots at the top of the photo.

So I have replaced the binding and put in wider purfling channels to accept a .063 Black Pearl border.
The white strips are teflon which will be replaced by the pearl when it arrives from the supplier. Tomorrow, theoretically.

All the varnish is on, but not leveled or buffed.
The charcoal burst has a violet undercoat which can be just made out in the photo, but is quite dramatic live.

The neck, however, is buffed out nicely.
Have I mentioned that this is a Multi-Scale? 25.1 x 25.7 inches.
That's Snakewood on the front. It is tricky carving the traditional volute, given the asymmetry.

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