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If you don't see what you want here, and don't want to wait for me to make it for you, here are some re-sellers who also often have my work on hand:

Eric Schoenberg Guitars  --  Luthier's Collection
-- Mighty Fine Guitars --

Due largely to my generous trade-in policy, I have a surprising number of my own guitars on hand.  Since I require any trade-in to be in as close to perfect condition as imagineable, these guitars will generally pass for new. Furthermore, they are priced, for the most part, at or below their original cost, as little as half of what I would charge for the same guitar if you ordered it today.

Here's some of what I have in my shop:
October, 2015

JZ-16 -- Fully carved w/cutaway - Big Leaf Maple/Spruce, Amber varnish.
FT-15-D -- Mini-D, 13 fret - BRW/Adirondack. Does "Dread" with ergonomics we can live with.
FT-000-C -- All Walnut, flitchmatched, cutaway, slothead, Hardshell case
FT-15 --  BRW/Italian (Bachmann) fully flitch matched OMish
FT-15-WRX  --  Magnolia/Catalpa - proves that it's the builder more than the wood
FT-15-Artifact  --  Honduras Mahogany/Adirondack distressed finish OMish
JB-00  --  Pernambuco/Italian fully asymmetrical slothead
FT-00-JB-WRX -- Tuarensis/Italian shortscale
JB-16  --  Pernambuco/Italian fully asymmetrical slothead (Used)
JB-16 -- Jatoba/Italian Spruce, fully asymmerical paddle head w/Calgary Calton custom case (new)
FT-16-D  -- Honduras Mahogany/Adirondack Dreadnaught
FT-00  --  Pernambuco/German - my 1st Pernambuco, the infamous "Crackwood"  (the "Satriani")
JB-15 -- BRW/Italian, all the best stuff  (graf tuners/cutaway/sunburst/asymmetric/varnish)
2003  Coo'stik -- Gypsy Jazz inspired induced arch flat top. Trapeze tailpiece, Schertler PU $6,500
FT-000 -- Brazilian RoseWood/Adirondack, my Schoenberg prototype

If you can wait, commissioning a new guitar gets you more of what you want. You will bond with the guitar in a way that is otherwise elusive. If you cant wait, these guitars are ready to go.
Call me at 707.782.1044 or shoot me an e